Children in the swimming poolChildren in the swimming poolChildren in the swimming pool
An online course, that will train you how to teach your child swimming

The digital course, that will train you how to teach your child swimming through the Stars Method

The Stars Method is perfect for parents who want to teach their children how to swim. A digital course, that takes the parent step-by-step, and offers detailed explanations on how to teach your child swimming after only a few experiential sessions. The course also includes a reward program, which motivates and drives the children to be at their best around water.

The language used in the swimming lessons teaches the parents how to apply an empowering language, that will enable each child to see and acknowledge their ability, the believe in themselves, want to move forward and become better, with a true and complete belief that the sky is the limit.

The Stars Method is a structured program for teaching children swimming, based on experiential learning, which leads each child to feel like a star. The Method uses metaphors and the childrenโ€™s imagination in order to teach them the various swimming styles with ease and lots of fun, and to help them develop excellent swimming abilities.

The Stars Method is a unique digital program for parents who want teach their children ages 4-9 how to swim. The program was developed by Hadar Frisch, owner of a Swimming School, with long term experience in teaching sports, and as a mental therapist for children and adults. Thousands of students and parents, who are able to swim perfectly, owe their skills to Hadar.



1 ๏ปฟDIY - ๏ปฟTeach your child to swim
2 At your convenience
3 Cost saving
4 Boosting the child-parent bond
5 Reinforcing your childโ€™s self confidence

Parent recommend on the online course of Hadar Frisch



โ€œMy son couldnโ€™t wait for our shared swimming classes. Heโ€™d tell his friends about it with such enthusiasm.โ€



โ€œMy daughter learned to swim in a very short amount of time but I gained too. I enjoyed amazing quality time with her.โ€



โ€œWarmly recommend! Initially I was skeptical about an online swimming course but after the first practice session, I realised I was mistaken.



โ€œI taught my two girls aged 4 and 7 according to the STARS method. Both now swim really well. I really recommend this to every mother.โ€

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Meet Hadar Frisch

Dear parents, in the following videos I will teach you how to teach your child to swim, but before we start I would love to tell you a little about myself. My name is Hadar Frisch, I have been a swimming instructor for many years, an emotional therapist in the water as well as a cognitive-behavioral therapist. Many years ago I developed my method for learning to swim and called it the "Star Method". It started from my understanding, wholes have a very great power that affects the body and mind of the child. I have taught thousands of children swimming and seen how learning to swim creates motivation, empowers children and creates for them self-confidence that is expressed in and out of the water. I began to emotionally treat water in children who need work and emotional reinforcement and realized that learning to swim has the power to strengthen emotionally as well as strengthen the cognitive part.

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